Tissue Procurement & Distribution

Policies and Procedures


Tissue procurement maintains patient confidentiality by using a database system, Oncore BSM, which utilizes unique patient identifiers and limits access by investigators to the encryption code.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts/problems are resolved by the oversight committee. A written or verbal request may be submitted to any committee member who will in turn present it to the entire committee to resolve.

Cost Recovery/Payment Policies

The advisory committee oversees the annual costs and charges for specimen collection, storage, distribution and shipping. Payment is requested within 45 days after delivery.

Prioritization of Work

The oversight committee sets the guidelines and procurement prioritization for various research groups. Indiana University researchers are given first priority, followed by outside collaborators such as Purdue, and followed by industry sponsors.

Publication Acknowledgment

If research supported by the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Procurement & Distribution Core results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publication(s):

We thank the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center for the use of the Tissue Procurement & Distribution Core, which provided __________ service.

Please notify the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Procurement & Distribution Core at canctb@iupui.edu of the publication. Thank you.

See the PDF for a list of selected publications in which samples procured from the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Bank were used for the published research.

Recent Publications List