Multiplex Analysis Core


The MAC provides the following services:

  • Communication between user and vendors regarding kit selection, if needed
  • Assistance with experimental design, etc., through discussions with user and vendor, if requested
  • Storage of kits purchased by users, and samples, if desired
  • Receipt and analysis of samples collected by users
  • All reagents & buffers required to run the samples (excluding kits)
  • Analysis of raw data and optimization of standard curves using vendor software
  • Delivery of data to user in an Excel spreadsheet


Commercial assays are available to measure:

  • Proteins from a variety of species, including human, mouse, rat, and pig
  • Fluid-based samples, including serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, and cell lysates

(NOTE: serum is strongly preferred over plasma. If plasma must be collected, please use EDTA or citrate or as the anticoagulant. DO NOT use heparin.)

Other applications include multiplex assays for:

  • Specific protein phosphorylation states and expression
  • Nucleic acids
  • SNP analysis
  • Pathogen detection
  • Strain typing
  • Haplotyping
  • Gene expression

If the specific combination of analytes for your desired assay is not available, Bio-Rad offers beads coated with carboxyl groups (-COOH), which are ready to couple to your antibody, antigen, receptor, ligand, enzyme or nucleic acid of choice. In addition, Millipore offers custom assay development and validation services.

Each kit contains one 96-well plate capable of analyzing 76-78 samples in singlet or 38-39 samples in duplicate. Standards and blanks (run in duplicate) occupy 18-20 wells of each 96-well plate.


Bio-Plex 200 System with High Throughput Fluidics (HTF), including:

  • Bio-Plex array reader
  • Pro II Wash Station automatic plate washer, accommodating both magnetic or vacuum-based assays
  • Hand-held manual magnetic plate washer
  • Bio-Plex Manager Standard software
  • PC and monitor