Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core

Policies & Procedures

If you are interested in using the Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core, please contact Andi Masters, core director, at

After the initial consultation, investigators must fill out and submit an authorization form to move forward with their project.

Chargeback Rates

Chargeback rates*, effective July 1, 2021, for services of the Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core are as follows:

Internal IU faculty rates External rates External rates
w/ IU Collaborator
Method development $133/hour $266/hour $133/hour
Formulation Study $133/hour $266/hour $133/hour
Protein Binding $133/hour $266/hour $133/hour
Metabolic Stability $133/hour $266/hour $133/hour
Drug Stability $133/hour $266/hour $133/hour
Sample Charges (plasma) $56/sample $85/sample $56/sample
Sample Charges (tissue) $112/sample $170/sample $112/sample

*Prices are subject to change. Please work with the CPAC director for current process and pricing before including costs for internal and external budgets.

If you are a cancer center member, please contact Andi Masters at or Kristina Taylor at for additional rate information.

Confidentiality: Data generated by the core is kept on a secure server with access to core personnel only. Data or information (verbal and/or electronic) are not shared with any outside parties. We treat all information received from our customers as confidential and privileged. Unless authorized by the customer, we will not disclose, copy, distribute or share data. Samples delivered to CPAC are required to be de-identified; however, if samples are not de-identified, they will be returned to the PI immediately. The PI will have ultimate control over any public disclosure of the scientific results generated in the shared resource.

Conflict resolution: If a resolution cannot be reached at the core director level, the issue will be taken to the core advisory committee for discussion and resolution.

Cost recovery/payment policy: If recovery of payment becomes an issue, the IUSCC business managers will contact the customer and/or their department to collect charges owed. If there is a dispute in charges, the conflict resolution policy above will be followed.

Prioritization of work: IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center and IU School of Medicine investigators have full access to services provided by the CPAC. Investigators planning to use the CPAC must fill out the authorization form. Projects enter the queue upon receipt of the authorization form. In the event that there is a backlog in activities, CPAC studies or services will be prioritized based on IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center membership followed by IUSM and non-members.

Acknowledgement, authorship and collaboration:All research work performed by CPAC should be acknowledged in all ensuing publications. Please add the following statement to the acknowledgments section: "Mass spectrometry work (‘and any other work’) was provided by the Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core at Indiana University School of Medicine, a core facility supported by the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA082709." Fees paid for services provided by the CPAC should not negate the potential of co-authorship by CPAC scientists. These acknowledgements and achievements are important for the existence and continued funding of the CPAC. Given that many validation procedures and CPAC offered services require advanced intellectual involvement by the CPAC scientists, it is expected that this acknowledgement will be in the form of co-authorship according to the guidelines for authorship recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.