Biostatistics & Data Management


The BDMC supports IUSCC members by providing expertise in every important stage of cancer research for all IUSCC research programs. This includes the design of experiments and clinical trials; the development of protocols and research databases; the assurance of data quality, integrity and security; and the state-of-the-art rigorous statistical data analyses for all types of cancer research.  

Biostatistics support:

The BDMC operates on sound and proven statistical principles to ensure scientific rigor and transparency in cancer research, including

  • Clinical trial design and study planning
  • Clinical trial and study protocol development
  • Statistical monitoring and assessing the progress of studies
  • Data analysis, manuscripts and presentations 

When faced with complex data or statistical issues for which there is no solution, the BDMC has the expertise and track record in developing new statistical methods. 

Statistical Data Management:

The BDMC statistical data management operations are responsible for the creation of research databases including OnCore calendars and eCRFs forms. The BDMC also incorporates REDCap in its support for studies such as population-based observational studies and hospital chart review data. Statistical data managers routinely perform data extractions, quality control and create analysis datasets. 

Administration and Education: Reporting: The BDMC supports reporting the results of completed clinical trials to   

Scientific Review for Cancer Center: By evaluating the statistical feasibility of each proposed project, particularly on sample size, power and study design, the BDMC members are an integral part of the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and the Clinical Research Committee (CRC) of the IUSCC.

Education and Training: The BDMC members actively participate in the education and training of cancer investigators.