Biostatistics & Data Management

Policies & Procedures

Collaboration with IU Simon Cancer Center members up until the time of grant application submission or protocol activation is provided free of charge to encourage members to use this facility early in the planning of their research. Consultation for Phase I / pilot studies that are supported by protocol specific research funds of the Cancer Center Support Grant also receive free BDMC collaborative services during the conduct of the study and for analysis and publication.

BDMC costs for most projects are paid by the inclusion of percent effort for personnel on funded grants. On occasion, some investigators pay for support by an hourly rate charge for personnel. The July 2018-June 2019 rates are:

Biostatistics and Data Management Rates

Fees IU Rate/hour Outside Rate/hour
PhD Faculty $160 $180
Project Statistician $74 $83
Data Manager $55 $63
Application Developer $55 $63
Server/Database Admin. $55 $63
PhD Student Statistician $64 $71
Data Entry $16 $19
Standard Operating Procedures:

eCRF Development

Requesting Analyses from the Biostatistics and Data Management Core

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