Behavioral Methodology and Recruitment Core

The mission of the Behavioral Methodology and Recruitment Core is to serve the needs of all cancer center investigators whose research is related to cancer prevention and control (CPC) science and involves human subjects. Research participants may be healthy populations or cancer patients. This core of the IU Simon Cancer Center was established to optimize behavioral and cancer control research recruitment. Its purpose is to coordinate and support accrual and oversee recruitment of all CPC approved studies that include human subjects. The core provides supervised recruitment throughout the cancer center, other sites and regional social networks. In addition, it provides recruiter training, communication with clinical care groups, recruitment material preparation and ongoing recruitment strategy assessment. During study development, the core provides consultation services, including estimates of patients available for proposed studies. The core can provide actual recruitment for studies or coordinate recruitment if investigators wish to use their own personnel. There is synergy of recruitment efforts if several investigators use core facilities for recruitment since subjects could be recruited for multiple studies simultaneously. Finally, the core can help coordinate accrual when studies from other programs include collection of data that is usually considered under CPC such as quality of life assessment.