“We could search the world over and never find someone like Dr. Abonour. He and his team have been so dedicated to helping us, and after my husband passed away due to myeloma, he still calls me almost every week. Through this experience, my husband and I made so many friends, and we always felt blessed to form a bond with so many people going through a similar experience. My nine children and I continue to be very much involved in Miles for Myeloma and plan to carry on the mission of finding a cure!”
-Arlene Scheer

Dr. Abonour embracing another rider at the finish of the 2009 event

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2004 and came to Dr. Abonour after being told he was a specialist for the disease. I immediately felt a connection with him and the entire team. The program has a tremendous amount of heart to it, and after talking to Dr. Abonour and the nurses, you know they genuinely care about you. I recently discovered a multiple myeloma list where you can connect to people around the country with the disease, and have come to learn that we really have one of the best teams here at IU. It is such a forward-thinking and technologically advanced team that treats you like a friend rather than just another patient. The Miles for Myeloma event has helped me meet other people with the disease whose bravery is inspiring.” -Joe Brown

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2002 and initially received treatment from another oncologist. When I needed a stem cell transplant, I came to the IU Medical Center and met Dr. Abonour. Having him as my oncologist has been a turning point and helped put a positive spin on having this disease. I would describe Dr. Abonour and his team as having passion and compassion — passion for finding a cure and compassion for all patients. The Miles for Myeloma event each year is both emotional and inspiring. It is truly a group effort, and it’s rewarding to see everyone's drive and spirit. Dr. Abonour’s passion for finding a cure and the emotional support he and his staff give is really unique — he’s both a wonderful oncologist and an emotionally supportive doctor. If he’s going to work this hard to find a cure, then we’ll work hard to hang on until he finds one!” -Pam Taylor