Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m not a good writer, so a letter campaign would be too difficult for me.
    Don’t worry! Your fellow patients have worked with us to draft a simple letter requesting support for the event, and our staff will just need to ask you a few questions in order to personalize the letter for you.

  • I don’t feel well enough to take on a big project like this.
    We understand, and we strive to make this as easy as possible. We’ll personalize your letters, print them and send them to you with gift envelopes. You simply put a letter with a gift envelope and either hand them out or mail them out to friends and family. If you are not feeling up to stuffing your envelopes yourself, a small group of friends or family might enjoy a “stuffing party” with you.
  • I’m concerned my friends and family may feel pressured to give if I send them a letter.
    Many patients express this concern, but it seems that most people really welcome the opportunity to do something meaningful for you — at whatever level they choose. Patients and their families are consistently overwhelmed by the response they receive from their mailings. If you’d like to speak with a patient who has conducted a campaign, please feel free to contact Pamela Taylor at (317) 848-2460 or
  • I’d like to send letters, but stamps are so expensive.
    Many patients and family members have allowed us to revise the letter for them so that it can be e-mailed out to friends and family, who can then either give online or mail in a check to an address provided in the email.

  • I’d love to help, but I don’t have any wealthy friends or family members.
    That’s not important, as most of the gifts that are given to Miles for Myeloma are less than $50. It’s the quantity of gifts that add up to impressive sums. Think of this: There are nearly 1,000 myeloma patients at IU. If each patient asked 10 friends to each make a gift of just $25, we’d generate $250,000!
  • I’m concerned IU will solicit my friends and family for other things.
    We promise not to do that. If someone chooses to make a gift to Miles for Myeloma in honor of you, we will thank them and provide them with a tax receipt. We will not ask them for additional gifts.
  • I’m already sending out letters. How else can I help with Miles for Myeloma?
    Please consider:
    - joining our planning committee, which meets once each month
    - cheering on our cyclists along the route as they ride
    For more information, please call (317) 278-2120 or e-mail
  • How will we know what happens to the funds we help raise?
    Myeloma team members are always willing to discuss our ongoing research and clinical care with you. To learn more, please contact Lizzie Conkle at or (317) 278-2120.