Translational Cancer Biology

Training Program Requirements

The program mandates that all trainees must participate in a broad range of cancer-related activities designed to expose the trainees to both the basic and clinical aspects of the disease and must fulfill training in responsible conduct of research. 

All trainees will:

  • Take ethics course G504 or G505
  • Take Rigor and Reproducibility G507
  • Attend a weekly cancer seminar
  • Attend and present their research at the monthly meeting of the trainees
  • Present their research at the annual Cancer Research Day

All trainees will have the opportunity to attend introductory lectures covering broad areas of malignant hematology and oncology and will have limited participation in inpatient and outpatient clinics, within the parameters mandated by patient privacy regulations, both offered by Adult Hem/Onc.

In addition, postdoc trainees will:

  • Take courses, if necessary, suggested by the CBTP Steering Committee after reviewing the trainee’s record
  • Take a grant writing course

In addition, predoc trainees will: