IUSCCC Trainee Membership

Trainee Membership Application

Membership Benefits

Trainee awards
Invited to IUSCCC events
  • Annual scientific retreat
  • Grand Rounds and Seminar Series
  • Monthly trainee seminar and/or journal clubs
  • Grant writing and mentorship programs
  • Program mini-retreats
  • Lunch with Seminar Series speakers
  • Funding opportunity workshops
  • Town Hall meeting with IUSCCC leadership
IUSCCC Newsletter
  • Trainees will be selected for research highlights
  • Trainees will be recognized for honors and awards
  • Trainees invited for presentations will be recognized
  • Trainees will receive funding opportunity announcements
Career Enhancement Opportunities
  • Include IUSCCC trainee membership on CV
  • Potential membership to IUSCCC Committee-on-Education