February 2020

With the support of donors, 100 Voices of hope reached $2 million in total funds raises since 2008! Your contributions amounted to $216,701, funding two new research projects! The power of 100 Voices of Hope comes from working together. While it may seem like one gift cannot make a lasting impact in breast cancer research, $2 million can and has. Thanks to all our donors making a difference one Whisper, Voice or Shout at a time.


  • Hunch 1
    Using Acoustic and Fluid Mechanics to Diagnose Breast Cancer Metastasis
    Presented by Feng Guo, PhD, and Kenneth Nephew, PhD
  • Hunch 5
    Searching for a HUNK inhibitor
    Presented by Elizabeth Yeh, PhD 

For detailed descriptions of these projects, visit our Hunch History

February 2019

Thank you for making 2018 such a successful and exciting year for 100 Voices of Hope. Your contributions amounted to $219,837, bringing our total raised in the past eleven years to more than $1.7 million. Thanks to your generosity, we were once again able to support 3 new research projects! This year, we also had 100 Voices! 


  • Hunch 1
    Evaluation of SMIC1007 in treatment of metastatic breast cancers
    Presented by Anita Bellail, PhD and Chunhai Hao, MD, PhD
  • Hunch 2
    The impact of muscle on treatment response in women with metastatic ER positive breast cancer
    Presented by Tarah Ballinger, MD
  • Hunch 4
    Can bacteria influence breast cancer progression and metastasis patterns?
    Presented by Anna Maria Storniolo, MD

For detailed descriptions of these projects, visit our Hunch History

November 2018

We are excited to announce a new opportunity to double your impact with 100 Voices of Hope before the end of the year! A generous supporter will match all first-time Voice contributions—those of $1,000 or more—for the first ten new Voices. That means 10 chances for new advocates to lend their Voice to research and help fuel discoveries by IU breast cancer researchers even faster!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the 100 Voices of Hope Annual Meeting on November 13; we had a really great turnout!

 100 Voices of Hope Annual Meeting 2018

100 Voices of Hope Annual Meeting 2018

100 Voices of Hope Annual Meeting 2018

The hunches are in for 2019! View Proposals

If you have not already, please review the four proposals and cast your vote before January 31, 2019.

You can cast your vote in the following ways:

  • Contact Lizzie Conkle at (317) 278-2120 or econkle@iu.edu
  • Print the proposals, check the box next to the hunch of which you are the most passionate and mail the completed hunch from to Lizzie Conkle at the address below:

    IU Foundation
    PO Box 7072
    Indianapolis, IN 46207-7072

Hunch voting will be open until January 31, 2019, but all gifts need to be made by December 31, 2018.

February 2018
  • For the first time, a 100 Voices of Hope hunch has made it to the clinic! Because of your support, women with the most aggressive form of breast cancer now have a new treatment option. Click below to learn more about the importance of this milestone and how you made it possible, directly from the researchers leading the project.
    100 Voices of Hope TNBC Trial Announcement
  • Congratulations and thank you for making 2017 such an exciting year for 100 Voices of Hope. Your contributions amounted to more than $205,000, bringing our total raised since 2008 to more than $1.5 million. When combined with carryover funds from last year, your generosity will allow us to support 3 new research projects in 2018.

  • Donations came in the form of Whispers, Voices, Shouts, and Screams, and every gift is essential as we work to help women with breast cancer live longer, healthier lives. 95 of you were individual Voices, the second-most Voices in our program's history. Thank you for taking part in breast cancer research and sharing your votes for your favorite hunches.

    2018 Funded Projects
    • Hunch 1
      A Novel Epigenetic-PARP Inhibitor Combination to Inhibit Metastasis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
      Presented by Richard Carpenter, PhD and Kenneth Nephew, PhD

    • Hunch 2
      Identification of “Tumor Compaction Factor X” in a Bone Microenvironment for Preventing Bone Metastasis from Breast Cancer
      Presented by Hiroki Yokota, PhD

    • Hunch 5
      Correlative Studies on a Phase I Trial of Gedatolisib Plus PTK7-ADC in Metastatic TNBC: A Clinical Trial Made Possible by 100 Voices of Hope
      Presented by Milan Radovich, PhD

      For detailed descriptions of these projects visits our Hunch History.


November 2017
  • Our hunches have resulted in 7 published articles, with 6 more articles under review for publication
  • An additional 10 grants are now in the process of submission or under review
  • Hunch # 4 from 2011 is now a clinical trial at IU, testing a new drug combination that could be the first effective treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer
  • IU researchers have submitted or presented 13 presentations at national and local conferences
  • Hunch funding has leveraged $4.67M in federal grants to expand and validate the research 
September 2017

Woodland Fore A Cure did it again! This year’s event raised $11,000! Dr. Carla Fisher, director of breast surgical oncology at the IU School of Medicine, joined the group for lunch to talk with them about how research is helping women with breast cancer live longer, healthier lives. Thank you to the committee and all the participants for your support of 100 Voices of Hope!

Woodland Fore a Cure

August 2017

Another fantastic CRC Rally Forward took place this month! A huge thank you to the Rally Forward Team and all the participants for your support of 100 Voices. Though their events this year CRC Rally Forward has raised $15,000 for 100 Voices of Hope. They are making lifesaving discoveries possible!

CRC Rally

March 2017

Through your support of 100 Voices of Hope, you make it possible for researchers to explore unique ideas in the fight against metastatic breast cancer. Now, the discoveries from two of those hunches will be published. Publication is an important part of the research process. The accomplishments of these research teams will be shared with the scientific community to inspire more conversations and further inquiries.

These will be the seventh and eighth publications made possible by your generosity. 100 Voices of Hope will be thanked in the articles for providing the project funding. Thank you for everything you do to help breast cancer patients live longer, healthier lives. For more information on the goals and progress of these hunches, visit "Hunch History".

February 2017

Two more breast cancer research projects will be funded at the IU Simon Cancer Center thanks to nearly 600 100 Voices of Hope advocates who contributed to the program in 2016. Many donors made gifts in memory of 100 Voices of Hope founder Mary Beth Gadus and inaugural member Carrie Glasscock West, both of whom passed away last year.

“The gifts received in memory of Mary Beth and Carrie were significant and indicative of the legacy of these two extraordinary women,” Mike Gadus, Mary Beth’s husband, said. Both women understood the devastation of metastatic breast cancer and chose hope as they fought the disease.

Mary Beth started 100 Voices of Hope in 2008 by asking friends, family and fellow breast cancer survivors to contribute to breast cancer research to help women with metastatic disease. Carrie and her family quickly became Voices and brought many more into the organization. The goal was to raise $100,000 annually to fund one research idea that otherwise would go unfunded. Nine years later, $1.3 million has been raised, 13 hunches have been funded and more than $4 million in additional funding from national grants has been generated for research on promising projects discovered as a result of 100 Voices of Hope hunches.  

The first funded project for 2017 was presented by Tao Lu, Ph.D., and Lang Li, Ph.D., and introduces an innovative technique to discover genes and proteins that block chemotherapy, allowing cancer cells to survive. This hunch has been named in memory of Carrie Glasscock West. A second project, coordinated by the IU Simon Cancer Center breast cancer research program co-directors Harikrishna Nakshatri, B.V.Sc., Ph.D., and Kathy Miller, M.D., is also being funded and will provide the resources to analyze normal breast tissue and answer the critical biological question: Why do some women have breast cancer that is easily cured and others don’t? A study analyzing normal breast tissue from multiple angles could identify the genetic factors that make cancer more or less aggressive and help to better characterize tumors for future treatments.   

Perhaps the most fitting tribute to Mary Beth was that her goal of raising 100 $1,000 gifts was realized for the first time in the program’s history. A record 113 individuals contributed $1,000 or more, enabling more than 100 Voices to select the winning hunches.    

Mary Beth’s older son was inspired to share how deeply committed his mother was to bringing researchers and advocates together to fight metastatic breast cancer. In a recent blog post marking six months since her passing, Michael recounted his last conversation with his mother:

As I gave her a hug and said goodbye that evening, she whispered, “We can’t just let them die.” I looked at her, puzzled, and asked, “Can’t let who die, Momma?” She tapped two fingers on her throat and said, “The voices.”

Please click here if you would like to read Michael’s full tribute to his mother.

November 2016

On Nov. 29, we gathered for our annual meeting at Meridian Hills Country Club. Watch the video below to learn more about each of the four hunches presented.

At the event, we also shared a video of Mary Beth Gadus and other members of our team telling the story of 100 Voices of Hope. If you have not seen this video, please take a moment to learn more about what inspired Mary Beth to start this impactful program.

2017 Research Hunches Video

January 2016

This year, we raised $225,421 from 193 whispers, voices and shouts. We far surpassed our $1 million goal and have now raised a cumulative $1,051,780 for metastatic breast cancer research. Our winning hunches are named in memory of Mary Corbett and Anne Abernethy. Both focus on triple negative breast cancer, the most aggressive and deadly form of breast cancer. One targets immunotherapy, a promising new avenue for therapy that uses drugs to train the body to attack its own cancer. The second tests a drug combination that has been shown to be highly effective and should be able to move to clinical trial quickly.

December 2015

On Dec. 2, we gathered for our largest annual meeting to date. You can watch the video from the event to learn more about each of the four hunches presented.

January 2015

In 2015, we raised $117,850 bringing our total to more than $825,000. The winning hunch was proposed by a team that represents expertise in biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and mechanical engineering at Purdue University. They will be developing a proof-of-concept nanomachine that can detect and destroy cancer cells as they migrate in the bloodstream.

External news coverage

Indianapolis Star (Oct. 2015): PDF

Indianapolis Star (Nov. 2008): PDF


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