Pancreatic Cancer Signature Center


The mission of the Pancreatic Cancer Signature Center is to advance knowledge from bench to bedside to practice in a bi-directional manner that facilitates a consistent and productive exchange of ideas between clinicians, clinical investigators, physician-scientists and basic scientists from a variety of disciplines. Our inter-disciplinary collaborations will lead to improved understanding of the pathobiology of pancreatic cancer and will promote novel approaches for the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this malignancy. It is our hope that we will be able to markedly increase patient survival and quality of life, establishing therapeutic paradigms that will also positively impact the treatment of other cancers.


Develop and improve therapies for pancreatic cancer patients using a multi-targeted, multi-investigator approach

Goals of Signature Center Grant
Support of infrastructure needed to advance collaborative research projects (publications and grants)
  • Fosters team science and provides the tools needed for advancement of research
Community engagement
  • Increase visibility, clinical trial enrollment, patient tissue sample collection
Development of junior faculty
  • Fosters team science
Provide the foundation to eventual self-sustainment (PPG and/or SPORE)


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Clinical trials

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The following people are members of the Pancreatic Cancer Signature Center.

Jake Chen, PhD

Angelo Cardoso, MD, PhD

Ji-Xin, Cheng, PhD

Gabriela Chiorean, MD   
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Kai-Ming Chou, PhD

Robert Considine, PhD    

Oscar Cummings, MD

John DeWitt, MD

Melissa Fishel, PhD

Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Patrick Fueger, PhD  

Jesse Gore, PhD

Bumsoo Han, PhD

Jiali Han, PhD

Reginald Hill, PhD   
Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute

Barbara Hocevar, PhD  
IU Bloomington School of Public Health

Michael House, MD

Gary Hutchins, PhD

Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD

Lisa Kamendulis, PhD
IU Bloomington School of Public Health

Mark Kelley, PhD
Associate Director, Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research

James Klaunig, PhD  
IU Bloomington School of Public Health

Leonidas Koniaris, MD

Stephen Konieczny, PhD   
Purdue University

Murray Korc, MD
Director, Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Janaiah Kota, PhD

Glen Lehman, MD

Suthat Liangpunsakul, MD

Lang Li, PhD

Chien-Chi Lin, PhD

Xiaoqi Liu, PhD  
Purdue University

Yunlong Liu, PhD

Patrick Loehrer Sr., MD 

Tao Lu, PhD

Lawrence Lumeng, MD

Daniela Matei, MD

Marc Mendonca, PhD

Colleen Mitchell

Crystal Munson
Administrative Coordinator, Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research
(317) 278-3312

Bert O’Neil, MD

Mathew Palakal, PhD  
IU School of Informatics and Computing

Susan Perkins, PhD

Karen Pollok, PhD

Meeta Pradhan, PhD  
IU School of Informatics and Computing

Lawrence Quilliam, PhD

Ahmad Safa, PhD

George Sandusky, DVM, PhD 

Max Schmidt, MD, PhD

Amikar Sehdev, MD, MPH

Safi Shahda, MD

Fei Shen, PhD

Hongmiao Sheng, MD  

Stuart Sherman, MD

Nicholas James Skill, PhD

Yan Tong, PhD  
Department of Biostatistics

Jingwu Xie, PhD

Michele Yip-Schneider, PhD 

Meijing Wang, PhD

Zhangsheng Yu, PhD  

Jianjun Zhang, MD, PhD

Jian-Ting Zhang, PhD

Teresa Zimmers, PhD

Nicholas Zyromski, MD