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Proteomics Core

Policies & Procedures
Mass Spectrometry-based Protein/Proteomic Analysis

Protein Digestion
Solution Digestion (chemical or enzymatic); $20/sample
In-gel digestion; $20/sample

Abundant Protein Removal in Serum/Plasma Samples
GenWay Seppro IgY columns; $60/sample
Sigma APR kit; $60/sample

Mass Spectrometry Analysis
  • HPLC sample fractionation; contact PARC for quote
  • LC-MS/MS analysis for protein identification for simple protein mixture (e.g., TAP or IP sample); $60/sample
  • LC-MS/MS analysis for protein identification for complex protein mixture (e.g., subcellular fraction sample); $200/sample
  • ICAT/iTRAQ quantitative proteomic analysis; contact PARC for quote
  • LC/MS-based label-free quantitative protein profiling (including statistical analysis) (for biomarker discovery); $600/sample
  • MudPIT protein profiling; $2,500/sample
  • Post-translational modification analysis; $600/sample
  • SRM/MRM for targeted proteomic analysis/assay development (biomarker verification/validation); contact PARC for quote
  • Advanced data analysis (post-translational modification studies, differentiating isoforms, etc.); contact PARC for quote
LifeMarker Assays
  • Bone biology: single protein assay for P1NP or P3NP, human, rat, dog
  • Cardiovascular diseases: multiplexed assay for 12 different apolipoproteins: ApoA1, ApoA2, ApoA4, ApoB100, ApoC1, ApoC2, ApoC3, ApoE, ApoF, ApoM, PON1, PON3
  • Neuroscience: multiple forms of Abeta peptides: Abeta1-37, Abeta1-39, Abeta1-40, Abeta1-42
  • Inflammation: single protein assay for orosomucoid
  • Toxicity (cardiac): multiplexed assay for FABP3, MYL3, and troponin 1
  • Alcoholism: multiplexed assay for ADH gamma 1 and gamma 2
  • Obesity/diabetes: single assay for active and inactive Ghrelin
  • Others: vitamin D2/D3 LC/MS/MS-based assays