November 2016

On Nov. 29, we gathered for our annual meeting at Meridian Hills Country Club. Watch the video below to learn more about each of the four hunches presented.

2017 Research Hunches Video

At the event, we also shared a video of Mary Beth Gadus and other members of our team telling the story of 100 Voices of Hope. If you have not seen this video, please take a moment to learn more about what inspired Mary Beth to start this impactful program.

2017 Research Hunches Video

January 2016

This year, we raised $225,421 from 193 whispers, voices and shouts. We far surpassed our $1 million goal and have now raised a cumulative $1,051,780 for metastatic breast cancer research. Our winning hunches are named in memory of Mary Corbett and Anne Abernethy. Both focus on triple negative breast cancer, the most aggressive and deadly form of breast cancer. One targets immunotherapy, a promising new avenue for therapy that uses drugs to train the body to attack its own cancer. The second tests a drug combination that has been shown to be highly effective and should be able to move to clinical trial quickly.

December 2015

On Dec. 2, we gathered for our largest annual meeting to date. You can watch the video from the event to learn more about each of the four hunches presented.

January 2015

In 2015, we raised $117,850 bringing our total to more than $825,000. The winning hunch was proposed by a team that represents expertise in biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and mechanical engineering at Purdue University. They will be developing a proof-of-concept nanomachine that can detect and destroy cancer cells as they migrate in the bloodstream.

External news coverage

Indianapolis Star (Oct. 2015): PDF

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